Bershka vs. Cropp – A Fashion Battle for the Youthful Trendsetters

In the realm of fashion, two prominent brands, Bershka and Cropp, have captured the attention of youthful trendsetters worldwide.

As we did in our PULL & BEAR vs. H&M comparison, join us for another close battle of fast fashion brands.

Brand Overview

Cropp is a well-known fashion brand owned by LPP, a Polish multinational company that manages various fashion labels. LPP does not operate its own factories; instead, it relies on strategic sourcing for its clothing production. The majority of Cropp’s garments are manufactured in Asia, taking advantage of the region’s expertise and efficiency in the textile industry. Additionally, LPP maintains production facilities in several European countries, including Italy, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. The company has had an office in Shanghai since 1997 and established another office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2015, further expanding its global presence.

Source: Bloomberg

Bershka is owned by Inditex, a Spanish multinational company. Inditex has a vast network of suppliers and production centers spread across different countries. Bershka’s clothing is sourced from various locations, including Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Morocco, China, and other Asian countries. This global sourcing strategy enables Bershka to access diverse fabric options and stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends while ensuring an efficient production process to meet the demands of its fashion-conscious target audience.

Price Comparison (Winner – Cropp)

Bershka and Cropp both offer affordable and trendy fashion choices, catering to the budget-conscious youth.

However, a subtle distinction lies in their pricing strategies. Bershka is often slightly higher in terms of price, as it positions itself as a fashion-forward brand that emphasizes quality and on-trend designs.

On the other hand, Cropp tends to offer more competitive prices while maintaining the latest fashion trends, attracting an audience that seeks both style and value for money.

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Most t-shirts from both Bershka and Cropp typically fall within the price range of 8-15 EUR, making them quite affordable for the youthful audience they target. Moreover, if you happen to stumble upon a fantastic sale, you might snag some stylish tees for as low as 5.99 EUR.

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Bersha t-shirts with prices

Bershka tends to be on the higher spectrum of prices with t-shirts usually priced between 12.90 – 19.00 EUR.

Both brands understand the importance of offering competitive prices to cater to their young and budget-conscious customers, solidifying their positions as go-to destinations for trendy and reasonably priced fashion essentials.

Fabrics Quality (Winner – Berska)

Bershka and Cropp put considerable effort into selecting materials that align with their unique styles. Bershka is known for incorporating a mix of high-quality fabrics, including cotton, linen, and eco-friendly materials.

This emphasis on quality fabric contributes to their slightly higher price range. Cropp, on the other hand, focuses on blending affordable fabrics with an edgy and youthful flair, allowing them to maintain competitive pricing while offering fashion-forward options.


Bershka and Cropp cater to distinct styles that resonate with their respective audiences. Bershka is renowned for its chic and sophisticated aesthetic, inspired by urban influences and streetwear trends. It often showcases a wide range of modern and clean-cut silhouettes, ideal for fashion enthusiasts seeking a versatile and contemporary look.

On the contrary, Cropp is a brand that embraces bold and unconventional styles, targeting young individuals with a rebellious spirit. Its collections feature a fusion of street style, skate culture, and pop references, with an emphasis on bright colors, graphic prints, and daring cuts. Cropp successfully attracts the daring and adventurous crowd who seek to make a bold fashion statement.

Bershka and Cropp Online Store Locations (Winner Bershka)

Bershka has online stores in more than 110 countries worldwide, while Cropp is available only in 18 countries, as of 2023:

  • България / Bulgaria
  • Česká republika / Czech Republic
  • Deutschland / Germany
  • Eesti / Estonia
  • España / Spain
  • Ελλάδα / Greece
  • Hrvatska / Croatia
  • Italia / Italy
  • Lietuva / Lithuania
  • Latvija / Latvia
  • Magyarország / Hungary
  • Polska / Poland
  • Польща / Poland – Українська
  • România / Romania
  • Slovenija / Slovenia
  • Slovenská republika / Slovakia
  • Srbija / Serbia
  • Україна / Ukraine

The availability of online stores may change over time, and new countries might have been added or removed from their respective websites. It is recommended to check the current official websites of Bershka and Cropp for the most up-to-date information on the countries they serve.

Target Audience

Bershka primarily targets young adults and teenagers who appreciate fashion-forward choices and are willing to invest a bit more for high-quality and trendy pieces. Their audience is fashion-conscious, seeking to keep up with the latest styles and maintain a polished appearance in various settings, from casual outings to nightlife.

Cropp, on the other hand, caters to a younger audience that embraces street culture and values individuality. The brand’s designs are crafted for those who want to express their personality through fashion, unafraid to experiment with bold colors, prints, and unconventional styles.


Bershka and Cropp both hold their ground, providing unique offerings to the fashion-savvy youth. Bershka’s emphasis on quality fabrics and chic designs appeals to those seeking contemporary elegance, while Cropp’s rebellious spirit and edgy collections attract those who crave to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you prefer the sophistication of Bershka or the daring spirit of Cropp, both brands provide ample opportunities for the youthful trendsetters to express themselves through fashion without breaking the bank.

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