Where to find older (previous) Pull & Bear collections online?

As a fast fashion brand Pull & Bear, changes their collections almost every season. This is a little sad, especially if you loved some older item and now you can never get it (at least from their physical stores).

Is there an official Pull&Bear outlet store?

Pull & Bear does not have specific outlet stores online, but you can find older Pull & Bear collections on platforms like Depop and Prelved, which offer preloved and secondhand fashion items, including Pull & Bear products. 

Additionally, exploring the official Pull & Bear website may also lead you to discover older collections or items that are still available for purchase.

Other online stores that sell Pull&Bear outlet items

1. Asos.com

You can explore ASOS.com to find a selection of Pull & Bear products.

Check here – https://www.asos.com/search/?q=pull+and+bear

2.  Lyst.com

Lyst.com is a comprehensive online platform that serves as your world of fashion, offering a vast selection of products from over 12,000 brands and stores in one place.

Lyst features Pull & Bear items on sale with discounts of up to 70% off, providing an opportunity for shoppers to find items from previous collections and save.

3. AboutYou

The AboutYou.ie Pull&Bear online shop offers a convenient platform for purchasing Pull&Bear items quickly and affordably. Customers can explore the latest Pull&Bear collection on ABOUT YOU, benefitting from free delivery and a 100-day free return policy, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

4. ThredUp 

You can find Pull & Bear items for women at discounted prices on ThredUp, with discounts of up to 90% off retail prices

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