The Case For Undershirts: Are They Actually Worth it?

You’ve probably seen them being worn under any number of button-downs and polos – those basic white tees known as undershirts. But are they just an unnecessary layer, or do they provide some legitimate benefits?

As a lifelong undershirt enthusiast, I say they’re definitely worth consideration for both style and function reasons.

Comfort and Protection

First off, an undershirt provides an extra barrier between your skin and any outer layers. This is nice for absorbing sweat to keep you feeling fresher throughout the day.

I’ve found undershirts also stop fabric rub from dress shirts and polos that could otherwise lead to chafing or irritation. In warmer weather, that added breathable layer wicks moisture away to keep you from overheating too.

In terms of protecting your button-downs, undershirts prevent deodorant or perfume stains from showing through on the underarms of light-colored shirts.

They also function as a shield against skin oils that could otherwise transfer directly onto and potentially saturate nicer fabrics over time. Basically, it’s a layer that preserves the pristine look of your wardrobe longer.

Sweater Insurance

If you live somewhere with fluctuating seasons, you know the struggle of deciding layers each morning. Undershirts solve this by allowing you to comfortably wear thinner sweaters or layers even on warmer days. Then, if it gets too hot, you have the option to strip down without exposing your bare skin or risking nipple headlights. Personally, they give me peace of mind on unpredictable weather days.

Invisible Texture

A final big perk of undershirts is that they effectively add texture and bulk under thinner dress shirts without really being seen as an extra layer. This subtly fills out sleeve and torso areas in a natural, unconstructed way. The result is a more polished, put-together silhouette. Even baggier button-downs take on a nicer drape and structure with a fitted undershirt tucked underneath.

Good Undershirt Brands

  • UnderFit – UnderFit is known for making exceptionally soft and comfortable undershirts in a fitted, tailored style. Their fabrics incorporate stretchy fibers for a seamless layer under dress shirts. Customers love how well UnderFit slides under armpits and stays tucked all day. They offer crewneck and v-neck options in various colors. Many reviewers say UnderFit provides the best fit and feel of any undershirt brand.
  • Equipo – Equipo uses breathable organic cotton for their undershirts, which come in both short- and long-sleeve styles. Their fits are tailored without being tight. Customers appreciate the minimal yet stylish designs. Equipo is a great eco-friendly choice for everyday wear.
  • Flint and Tinder – Known for durable basics, Flint and Tinder makes rugged yet comfortable undershirts from USA-made Supima cotton. Their curved hem detail helps them lie flat under clothing. Many reviews mention their generous cut still looks neat under any top layer.
  • Mack Weldon – Offering athletic fits and moisture-wicking fabrics, Mack Weldon targets active men with versatile undershirt options. Their silver-infused fibers fight odor all day. Customers praise how breathable and smooth these layer under polos on the golf course or t-shirts at the gym.
  • MeUndies – For softer-than-soft micromodal fabrics, fun prints, and generous cuts, MeUndies gives undershirts a fun flair. Their moisture-wicking thermal properties pair well with loungewear and sweat too. Customers love supporting this inclusive and sustainable basics brand.

So in conclusion, while they may seem like an unnecessary extra layer, undershirts provide valuable benefits from sweat and stain protection to comfort, style shaping, and versatile layering options.

In my opinion, the minimal investment pays off to keep you feeling fresh all day long no matter what you pile on top. If you’re not already a convert, you may want to give undershirts a try – I doubt you’ll look back!

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